Women Stylish Dresses


Women do look more elegant wearing dress even if it is a casual dress without any accessory. Ladylike pencil skirt is maybe the best garment to make woman look attractive and feminine. The classy straight cut pencil skirt will be a part of elegant woman’s wardrobe. 2017 fashion trends have updated examples of pencil skirts that look both elegant and sexy. Let’s check the best designer skirts.

Totally classy look with dark colored skirt and white shirt will always look fantastic. The style works perfect for office outfit. With a pair of classy pumps pencil skirt looks flawless. You can also play with colors and color combos but when it comes to office outfit be very careful with mixing colors.


Pencil skirt is one of the garments that can look elegant and the next moment with a proper accessory it can totally change the look. Add bright colors and prints and feel how your classy skirt may transform your image. Asymmetric cut pencil skirt in subtle dark color looks quite elegant while printed skirt will be a perfect choice for party outfit. If you are thinking over prints, choose either printed skirt or top.


As a piece of classy outfit pencil skirt should be worn with heels and this it the trick that makes woman look slimmer and taller wearing pencil skirt. You can also add a belt to your skirt and wear top tucked it. The belt will attract attention to your waistline so if you want to hide little flaws like wide hips and tummy you’d better stay away from belts.

pencil-skirt-coords pencil-skirt-heels