Trend Alert: High Waisted Pants Styles


One of the best retro styles that made a hugh comeback in modern fashion and it is about couple of years that it is the main fashion trend in high waist. The style was popular in ’80s and ’90s then we got the trend of low and super low waist denim pants. Fortunately today we have kissed goodbye to low-rise pants that wasn’t quite suitable for everyone; well first of all it was a total taboo for girls with belly. Moreover, the low-rise style quickly shaped figure in the wrong way and it was a total disaster. Let’s get back to high waisted trends and talk about some really cool style tips.


Unlike low waisted pants high waist style has all the benefits. The greatest thing about the cut is that it shapes woman’t body perfectly hiding the belly. The style look great on both denim pents and trousers. Plus the style is suitable for virtually all body types. This is not the end. High waist style works perfectly with all types of pants starting from skinny to flare jeans.

High waisted pants can be matched with any type of top. If you want to place the accent on hips and waist wear your shirt and T-shirt tucked in. The good thing is that with high waisted pants shirt will stay perfectly tucked-in. Keep in mind to raise your arms after tucking the top in order to pull out as much lenght as you need to move free.


One of the hottest combination from 2017 fashion is crop top and high waist pants. The balance of crop top and high waist looks fantastic. With properly matched top and bottom the style can be suitable for office outfit as well as for formal events. Still keep in mind to avoid to bold styles of crop tops that highlights chest.

Here are some tips that you should avoid while choosing high waisted pants. Stay away from too shiny and printed fabrics. Choose the size that perfectly fits you. Avoid the style of high waisted pants that riches the bra line: the style will make you look short. Do not wear bright and massive belts and accessories with high waisted belts.