Top 5 Fashion Looks for 2017 Spring/Summer


You welcome you to the world of fashion where the life flaws with totally different rhythm. Here the colors are brighter and it seems that it is always summer here. While you are drinking your hot chocolate wrapped in a warm blanket, we are here to show you the newest trends of 2017 spring and summer and help you to find style inspirations. We have put together the trends from fashion dictators so grab a piece of paper to write down the coming trends. 

2017 trends

2017 spring is going to be the season of greatest contrasts. We will see so many dramatic combinations. We will see crazy combos in colors, fabrics, cuts and styles. Classy styles are blended with casual and sporty details while totally sporty garments like sweatpants can be seen worn with classy pumps.

2017 fashion trends

Pink is back. This season we will see so many pink garments and they are all about fluffiness. Baby pink sweatshirt and hoodies are combined with retro denim pants. Think of pink sundresses with prints for coming summer combined with lovely beach waves.

printed clothing 2017

Brighten up your spring look with colorful prints and patterns. Go for dramatic color combos like blending black color with fruity orange, yellow, juicy green, red and etc. Moreover, for coming spring you can match two and more prints for even deeper drama.

trendy clothing 2017

One of the boldest trends of coming spring is fishnets. The dramatic comeback of retro fishnets managed to become the part of 2017 fashion so easily that now we couldn’t even imagine how we lived with this must have detail. The only difference is that retro fishnets now look less eccentric. They are worn under pants and with skirts. The net is gentle and looks quite elegant.

Last but not least trend for 2017 is oversized clothing. Actually, we have experienced the trend for sweater weather and we loved it. For spring it can be oversized sweaters worn as tunics with ankle boots or high knee boots.

oversized clothing 2017