Short Wedding Dresses


We are used to see brides in classy ball gowns but let’s not forget that fashion changes and we have so many interesting designs of modern wedding dresses now. One of the creative and non-traditional styles of wedding dresses is short wedding dress. It turns out, that short wedding dress has been popular in past decades and just like other retro styles short wedding dress made a tremendous comeback into 2017 fashion.


Short wedding dress looks really cool and stylish but the entire wedding decorations should also match with the non-traditional approach of the bride. For example, if you are planning luxurious wedding with all the unique decorations, short wedding dress won’t be suitable for the concept. On the other hand, for more romantic beach wedding with no luxury short dress will be just perfect. Moreover, short dress will be more comfortable and allow bride to dance and enjoy the wedding without sweating on hot weather.



If you just take a sneak peek at the wedding dresses from 20’s we will understand why modern designers so much love vintage looks. The simplicity of vintage short dress accentuates woman’ elegance and femininity better than any luxurious ball gown. Vintage short dress is a perfect choice for brides who are planning small and non-traditional wedding. With this type of dress the veil is not worn. Instead, hairstyle can be decorated with retro hair pin.



There are so many gorgeous examples of modern short wedding dresses and they all look flawless. Still, modern short dress is suitable only for petite figures while plus size women should stay away from short and bodycon styles. Modern short dresses are embellished and decorated with beautiful lace, they look very elegant and can be worn with long veil.

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