Popular Lingerie Styles; High Neck Bralettes

high neck bralette

Modern styles of bras are far from being simple lingerie; they are sexier withunimaginable lace and strip details. Some of new styles of bras are worn like tops under sheer clothing; such styles are the hottest trends from 2017 fashion. True fashionistas just ought to have modern styles of lingerie and you are the one to update your collection with the best pieces.


From all the luxurious lingerie available around high neck bralettes are the best. The strips that rich the collarbone are visible and the style looks too hot to resist. Laced bra is not the type to be hidden under clothing so if you have become a lucky owner of high neck bralette check out those fashion tips on how to match tops with bra.


2017 fashion offers styles of high neck bralettes that look like crop tops so you can wear them just like you were supposed to wear crop top. If you feel uncomfortable you can wear a denim jacket or soft fabric jacket with V-neck.

Tank top is the next best combination for high neck bralette. The best thing about the combo is that bra is visible from sides and the front. The image can be completed with a pair of denim pants.