Dolce & Gabbana 2018 Spring Collection


There are the names in fashion industry that already talk for themselves. They are fashion trendsetters and every season they have something new to show us. One of the designer houses that have a huge army of followers is Dolce & Gabbana with two of the most talented designers. For 2018 they have already presented several collections and it is time to check out Dolce & Gabbana 2018 spring collection.

2018 spring collection was presented during the latest Milan Fashion Week. The fashion show became one of the brightest moments of the event bringing into the limelight some really bold creative printed garments. We were pretty surprised to see bright colored dresses with cabbage printing? Why have designers chosen such unexpected theme for printing? Stefano and Domenico decided to present simple objects in a new concept while the combination of super cool dress with crazy printing is simply striking.

What we do love about Dolce & Gabbana runway shows is totally extremely look of models and crazy accessories. Besides of sexy dresses we will see a lot of accessories, shoes, bags and eyeglasses that will all appear in the collections for coming year.

Besides of being super cool and mind-blowing Dolce & Gabbana 2018 spring collection made us believe dresses with bold color combos and crazy patters may look stylish when combined with proper accessories. Let’s not forget about traditional designer headpieces that complete the look.