2018 Winter Fashion; Floral Prints


Who said that floral prints are only for spring and summer? Designers and popular brands decided to experiment with colorful floral prints for winter outfit and guess what, the result was stunning. Looking through the latest fashion shows from 2018 New York, Milan, London and Paris Fashion Weeks we have found some really cool and statement pieces with floral prints for coming season.



We do love spring and summer floral prints and you will definitely love fall and winter prints. There is a slight difference between winter and summer floral prints. Winter printed dresses are more subtle that look elegant with darker shades of winter clothes. They may contain two and three shades that are toned down. Well this is the main tendency of 2018 winter but every rule has an exception. We have spotted some fantastic dresses and coats ideas with bright floral prints that capture attention even at a distance.

2018 fashion trends will bring some adorable flora printed coats and jackets that will break the monotony of winter clothing. If you are not sure about floral printed coat you can go for floral details like floral sleeves, floral patches or flora accessories.

For coming winter parties make sure to have floral printed cocktail dress that will look fantastic even without jewelry and additional accessories. For everyday outfit get for floral printed casual dress completed with monotone coat and ankle boots.




2018 winter floral prints fashion