2017 Sporty Sweatshirts Styles


Sporty looк rocks and we do love the casual and a bit grungy style. There are some must have pieces for sporty and casual look to have in your wardrobe and one of them is definitely sweatshirt. The comfortable top can be worn with leggings, sweatpants and denim pants and every time you have all chances to make a style statement. Everything gets more interesting with new trend of super comfy wide crop sweatshirt. Two amazing details like the style of crop top and the comfort of sweatshirt is now mixed in the hottest way.


Cropped sweatshirt or hoodie can look fantastic but with wrong pants and details it may look quite awkward. The first rule about cropped sweatshirt is wearing it with high waisted pants. This combination will bring into balance the look of crop top and make it look less bold. Plus. high waisted pants will hide your belly in case you need it to be hidden. One of the sexiest look is high waisted denim shorts with cropped sweatshirt or hoodie. For complete sporty look the image can be completed with sneakers.


To add chic vibe to your sporty image you can go for totally black look. For instance, wear black sweatshirt with black high waisted denim and black sandals.

If you feel uncomfortable about wearing cropped sweatshirt you can wear it over a long shirt. Make sure you keep the contrast between the sweatsirt and shirt.

At last if you need to something suitable as an office outfit you can wear cropped sweatshirt with high waisted pencil skirt.