Sporty Styles for Teen Girls


Sporty style is maybe one of the most popular and widely seen street look for teen boys and girls. Actually this is quite reasonable; casual and comfortable clothing is perfect for girls with active lifestyle and busy routine. Sporty style is quite suitable even for college and it can be worn from day to night. With proper accessories sporty style can also be suitable for informal parties. Here are some cool sporty style ideas for teen girls that will show you how to be sporty and look stylish.

sporty styles 2017

Sporty style is the most often seen look on the streets and even if you don not know how to match things you can just take a five minute walk and you will see so many style statement looks. There is nothing difficult about creating sporty look. Just get your beloved sweatpants, T-shirt and put on sneakers. Your image is almost ready. You can complete the look with a cap, a bomber jacket and a backpack if you need it. Well there is nothing extra difficult about creating sporty chic.

sporty styles 2017

We are completely sure that you have all the needed pieces in your wardrobe and all you need to do is to learn to match them. One of the main details in 2017 sporty look is checkered shirt. Stylish color combos are black, white, blue and red so choose the one you like most. The shirt is often worn with black or white T-shirt or simply wrapped around waist.

Fore sporty look with a flirty touch combine leggings or skinny jeans with  low cut sweater. The style can be worn with strappy bralette. The image can be combined with sneakers.

You can easily create sporty look with a casual dress. Just combine it with proper style of sneakers and you will make a style statement. For cool weather you can finish the look with bomber jacket.