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Cocktail Dresses Trends for 2018


Soon we will turn the calendar over and start a new year with new plans and new beginnings. New year will bring so many interesting innovation in fashion industry and fortunately we can already all the upcoming trends for 2018. We have party season coming and it is high time to find out which are the trendy styles in 2018 fashion and which type of cocktail dress will make you the queen of the party.

Men’s Fashion Trends for 2018 Spring/Summer

mens fashion 2018

We kissed goodbye to summer hoping that we again enjoy hot summer days soon. While we are thinking of the future let’s check out coming fashion trends for 2018 spring and summer and be ready to look stylish.

2018 men’s fashion trends are bright and versatile with interesting color combos and patterns. We have tried to put together top popular trends for spring and summer.

Viktor & Rolf 2018 Bridal Collection


One of the most exciting moments of fashion shows is the presentation of bridal dresses. We are all waiting for the parade of pure white ethereal dresses to close the show. At this time we will check out a unique bridal collection of designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren for 2018 New York Bridal Fashion Week. Designers took the concept of wedding gown to the next level presenting unimaginable jumpsuits, playsuits and mini dresses instead of a traditional wedding ball gown.

2018 Winter Men’s Style Ideas


We have already checked some of the style changes and updates in 2018 women fashion and it is high time to discuss the main trends of 2018 men’s fashion. After an unforgettable hot summer it is always hard to switch to warmer clothes still with 2018 winter designs we are going to have bright winter full of colors and prints. We have picked some stylish and trendy combos for man’s winter look so get a dose of inspiration if you are planning to update your wardrobe.

Top 5 Pants for 2018 Winter

winter pants trends 2018

Unfortunately we have already hidden summer shorts and now we are in need of some new winter clothes to be ready for new season. We are on our way to new fashion trends 2018 and we have so many gorgeous ideas to share with you. At this time will find out upcoming pants trends 2018 winter

2018 winter is quite bright and versatile with a lot of classy styles, updated retro images as well as brand new designs.

Top Popular Eyewear 2018


We are back for the coming season with a complete list of 2018 fashion trends and new updates for coming season. We are going to have a year full of bright images and dramatic comebacks of classy styles. Together we will explore all the spheres in fashion starting from accessories and ending with best shows from Paris, Milan, London and New York fashion weeks. Let’s start with top popular eyewear trends for 2018 presented by leading brands and designers.

2018 Winter Fashion; Floral Prints


Who said that floral prints are only for spring and summer? Designers and popular brands decided to experiment with colorful floral prints for winter outfit and guess what, the result was stunning. Looking through the latest fashion shows from 2018 New York, Milan, London and Paris Fashion Weeks we have found some really cool and statement pieces with floral prints for coming season.

H&M Bridal Lingerie Collection 2018

H&M 2018

Women are weak creatures. They faint and lose heart seeing a luxurious lingerie. One of the latest collections that captured our attention is H&M first bridal lingerie collection 2018 that is absolutely gorgeous.

2018 Fashion Trends from PFW


One of the greatest events in fashion world is Paris Fashion Week that brings into the limelight the coming trends for new season and the images that makes us faint. 2018 Paris Fashion Week is over and we can now relax and enjoy the best moments from world famous brands and designers’ runway shows. To make things more interesting we have put together top fashion trends for 2018 spring spied on Paris Fashion Week.