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Top Round Sunglasses 2017


Just like this year round sunglasses are going to be the hottest trend of 2017. So many gorgeous looks were completed with round sunglasses on fashion shows and we have so many style statement images to get inspiration. All you need to do is to take your time and check out top round sunglasses ideas 2017.

How to wear Cuff Jeans


What can we say about denim pants? They are trendy, practical, stylish, comfortable, sexy and we can continue counting the advantages of denim pants for hours. Indeed, jeans can be worn from day to night. There is a huge collection of trendy styles of denim pants for every taste and figure and one of them is cuff jeans. The style is another example of retro style that has made comeback into 2017 fashion and do love it. Cuffed jeans look quite casual and sporty but with proper top and shoes the style can be suitable for any occasion. Here are some of the ideas how to wear cuff jeans.

New Aviator Sunglasses 2017


There are styles in fashion that seem to be eternal. They never fade away and never go out of the fashion. They may be upgraded with new details by the main style is kept. We can say for sure that aviator sunglasses are one of such pieces that will always look trendy.

Zuhair Murad 2017 Fall Bridal Edition


It is worthless to say that Zuhair Murad has already become one of the greatest names in modern fashion. Every single dress created by designer can be surely named as a piece of art but when it comes to bridal dresses the level of perfection get higher and higher. Here is another collection of ethereal dresses that are meant to turn a women into a goddess. This is a real parade of gemstones, the most expensive lace and tule.

Sport Looks 2017 by Tory Burch


Those haveing sports as an essential part of their life pay great attention to high quality sportswear. In fact it is the most important factor when it comes to sportswear; clothing should make your body feel free. One of the latest designer collections that offer practical, comfortable and high quality sportswear is Tory Burch 2017 collection.

Trendy Sunglasses for every face shape


Sunglasses are the most practical and important part in image. Regardless of weather and season sunglasses have protective feature. Well, we hardly think of protection when we see stylish sunglasses still they are important to protect eyes from sun and wind. For flawless look eyeglasses style should be in a perfect match with a face shape. Just like clothing makes figure more or less attractive eyeglasses frames can make face look more or less beautiful. This is very important to take into consideration some factors when choosing new sunglasses for you. Here is a collection of trendy sunglasses for every face shape.

Vera Wang Vintage Bridal Dresses 2017


Vera Wang is the name in fashion industry that is associated with glamour and femininity. Designer wedding dresses always attracted the attention of celebrities and time and again we could see celebrity weddings and a gorgeous bride wearing Vera Wang dress.

Best Retro Sunglasses Collection for 2017


Retro influence still continues to be strong and we do love those adorable vintage pieces in our wardrobe. The final detail in your vintage image should be statement eyeglasses in the styles of 70’s and 80’s. Take your time and look through the gallery of the best retro sunglasses collection for 2017 and find the one to complete your image.

Elie Saab Wedding Dresses Collection 2017


Elie Saab is the name that makes women’s hearts beat faster especially when it comes to evening gowns and bridal dresses. Designer has conquered everyone’s hearts with unique signature in designing and decorating dresses. With every new collection the admiration and  excitement about designers talent gets bigger. 2017 bridal collection is another flawless line of ethereal dresses.

Casual Lace up Dresses Styles


Lace up dresses are some of the most popular styles from 2017 fashion looks. The simple detail turns simple cut dress into a cute and sexy style so why not to add the twist to your look and stand out from the crowd. The following collection of casual lace up dresses styles will show you how to wear lace up dresses in the best way and how to combine it with shoes an accessories.