Best Bra styles for every clothing


If you think that bra is invisible and hardly plays an important role in outfit, you are making one of the greatest mistakes in your life. Proper bra can not only make your dress look more fitting and stylish but also bring to balance your figure and hide your little imperfections. With these style tricks you will learn some lifesaving tips on how to match bra with different types of tops to get the best result.

Lingerie should be elegant and comfortable and you should be able to find the style that combine both features. There should always be several examples of unique lace lingerie. Still even choosing special lingerie you should take into consideration your body. Let’s get to the most popular types of bra that can be matched with tops.


T-shirt bra is perfect for casual outfit. It is comfortable and practical plus it will create smooth look under shirts. Every girl should have a pair of nude t-shirt bra that can be worn with shirts and blouses.



Strapless bra is must for strapless dresses. Here the most important thing here is to get a high quality strapless bra that will provide perfect lift even to C size. Of course there are high quality bras available now that look fantastic with strapless dresses.



Balconette bra is definitely one of the sexiest styles in modern fashion. Plus, we have now having some hot looks with sheer tops and balconette bra in bright colors. In case you are going to wear bra with sheer top the bra should perfectly fit you so that nothing will destroy your look.