Fashion trends 2018; Women adopting Menswear


We have seen so many feminine looks and girlish styles from 2018 fashion trends and we do love all the cutest and fashionable design but what we love more is the versatility of the modern fashion that gives us absolute power over our image. It means, you can create any image it the final look will be limited only by your imagination. As for inspiration we are always ready to show you some cool ideas.


At this time we are going to mix menswear and women clothing in a creative way. Well, in fact women started to adopt menswear long before there were fashion blogs and as a proof we have some pictures of celebrities posing in stylish suits, man’s pants and jackets and guess what, women look even sexier. I guess there is a magic of wearing man’s shirt and as soon as you put on men’s clothing you double your femininity.


Still this is one of the most risky styles to adopt. If there is a tiny lack of femininity you will end up with totally masculine look and only your long hair may indicate your gender (if only you have long hairstyle).

Menswear doesn’t mean you should steal the clothing of your husband, boyfriend, brother or father. 2018 fashion trends have so many women clothing and combos that are mixed to create androgynous image. We are talking about stylish suits in classy gray, blue, black shades, tailored trousers, blazers, oxford shirts, loafers and much more.

If you are afraid of such dramatic changes in your girlish style you can blend masculine look with brighter colors. The combination of classy suit in bright shades looks so amazing that no one will resist your sexuality.