Teen Outfit Trends for Winter

Teen Outfit Trends for Winter

It’s high time to put away summer clothes and get ready for winter. What can be funnier than playing with snowballs on sunny winter days? Well, I guess going for shopping won’t be less funny. Before shopping let’s check out teen dresses trends for winter 2017 and try to become the hottest girl at school. More »

New Cocktail Dresses Ideas

New Cocktail Dresses Ideas

Holidays are coming, it means it is time to start looking for a perfect cocktail dress. Why cocktail dress and not an evening gown? Well, there is an explanation. Cocktail dress is more practical than a floor length evening gown. We are talking about holidays and parties, right? So let’s forget about evening gowns and check out those sexy cocktail dresses from fashion trends 2017 that will make you rock the party. More »

The Best Jeans Trends 2017

The Best Jeans Trends 2017

The blessed is the day when denim was invented and became the part of our lives cause we just can’t even imagine life without those comfy and sexy jeans. Indeed, we choose jeans for virtually any occasion. Have you seen those celebs rocking the red carpet in casual jeans? That’s right, denim is perfect even for the red carpet. For new season they are no less popular so let’ try to figure out which are the best jeans trends for 2017. More »

The Hottest Eyeglasses 2017

The Hottest Eyeglasses 2017

Eyeglasses are definitely one of the most important accessories for both men an women. We do adore the newest eyeglasses trends for 2017 and now you can check out the hottest eyeglasses that will be available for 2017. More »

Sexy Swimwear Ideas for 2017

Sexy Swimwear Ideas for 2017

We are getting ready for winter holidays and we can’t imagine any other thing except snow and Christmas tree but wait, can’t we enjoy winter holidays on a beach with a cocktail? Of course it is possible and what should we do now? It is high time to check out the sexiest swimwear ideas for 2017 that will make you the hottest chic on the beach. More »


Sport Riot Sportswear by Beach Riot

beach riot sportswear

Beach Riot brand presenting swimwear collections has come back with a totally new line. Sport Riot collection for 2018 is the line of sportswear for the lovers of active lifestyle. The line including sporty and stylish leggings and tops are created to make you feel comfortable while moving.

Revolve 2018 Capsule collection by Chrissy Teigen


The new announcement about the collaboration of the label with Chrissy Teigen was a pleasant surprise and since then we were waiting for the first pictures of the final collection. The new capsule collection will include 36 pieces of the most glamorous women dresses.

2018 Sexy Wireless Bra Ideas

sexy wireless bras (1)

2018 is going to be another season of the hottest and sexiest lingerie. As a beginning we will have luxurious pieces of wireless bras that have been popular past seasons and we are so much in love with those sexy lace bras. If you have never tried wireless bras it is high time update your wardrobe with new sexy bras from the latest collections.

Midnight Paris Sexy Lingerie Line by Etam


Etam is the name associated with sexuality and femininity. With every new collection the brand makes a new style statement in lingerie fashion world. What we have for 2018 is a new unique collection of lingerie with no less romantic name “Midnight Paris”.

Adidas Originals Drop 2 by Alexander Wang

adidas by alexander wang

Adidas Originals collaborating with Alexander Wang prepared brand new collection for 2018. The new fall collection is the second line of this perfect duo. Previously Adidas Originals and Alexander Wang presented sportswear collection in August and the new line continues the new traditions.

Vera Wang 2018 Bridal Collection

vera wang wedding dresses 2018

Vera Wang is the name that is associated with the most luxurious design pieces in modern fashion and every season we are waiting for new smashing collections. For 2018 we have already got new line of absolutely smashing wedding dresses for new season.

2018 Jeans Collection by Lee

jeans 2018

Recently Lee has launched new collection of denim pants using new technology. Body Optix collection for 2018 features a set of new denim pants to maximize the effect of a flawless body. What we are expecting from clothing? Maximum impact plus comfort. This is what we will find in Lee new jeans collection for 2018.

Katya Dobryakova 2018 Fall/Winter Collection

katya-dorbyakova winter 2018 collection (2)

Coming winter is going to be full of surprises in fashion including some crazy designs for the lovers of everything extravagant and mind blowing. In search of creative collections 2018 we have come up to the new collection to Katya Dobryakova who has created a whole set of items with unique printing.

2018 Fall/Winter Trends; Yellow is the New Black

winter fashion 2018

We are going to have a bright fall and winter with all the brightest colors and glitter. This is the best way to survive the cold winter and we are here to help you be ready for coming winter. One of the fashion trends for 2018 yellow color and all the daring color combos. Yellow is the new black and this is one of the slogans for 2018 winter fashion.

Ralph Lauren Stadium 2018 Collection

Ralph Lauren Stadium 2018 Collection (6)

In 2018 Ralph Lauren is celebrating its 25th anniversary and to make this date more symbolic the label has get back to its Polo Stadium line. For 2018 Ralph Lauren has launched limited-edition capsule collection that is a brilliant line for anniversary.