Stylish outfit for Black Men


Black women and men sometimes get confused when choosing bright colored clothing. It can turn out that bright colors are not quite suitable for dark skin and as a result the image can be ruined. Surely there are ways to skip faux pas and with proper knowledge of mixing colors you will always have a stylish look. For the beginning let’s talk about stylish clothing for black men.


If you are bold enough you can try experimenting with bright colors like red. This is maybe one of the hottest and most suitable color for African American men. Red can be the color of a jacket, shirt or sweater.

White is A color for casual and formal outfit. All the styles of shite T-shirts, shirts and sweaters are must for casual outfit. White or pale blue tops will look perfect with denim pants. For street style get ripped and washed out styles and finish the look with white sneakers.

There is hardly bettet color than black that makes African American boys look so hot. Black can be chosen as the color for top and pants, shoes and accessories and it won’t look too much.


For special occasions classy suit is a must. When it comes to black men best colors for suit are still black, earth tones, dark and light shades of grey and blue. Here you can experiment with prints like stripes and checkered prints.

To add a little twist to classy look you can combine subtle tones with a bright detail like vest, shoes, tie or a shirt.