Men Retro Clothing Styles

mens fashion

Retro means elegant and sophisticated. Men do love retro styles especially when it comes to formal outfit. Fortunately we have seen glorious comeback of retro fashion and we will see retro details here and there. Hope you are the one who are interested in fashion history and you do want to copy one of the retro styles, find out fashion of each generation and men’s clothing ideas.


We can call the 1920s Golden era with all the luxury and though it is almost a hundred years have passed we still admire the fashion of 1920s. This generation;s fashion was updated and recreted for thousands of times. The details of 1920s fashion were used by all the leading brands and designers and no wonder why so much love the retro styles.

One of the distinguishing features of 1920s clothing is neutral and subtle colors and color combos. The whites, beige, earth tones, all the shades of brown, muted blues and gray could be found around. The colors do look luxurious and the combo of two and more shades dodn’t look odd at all. Reto clothing was decorated with patterns and again, they looked very elegant. And finally, men loved accessories like hats, scarves, watches and eyeglasses. No matter how many years passes, men still love accessories.


With the World War 2 and the years of Great Depression not much had been changed in fashion. The most visible change in fashion was the military inspired suits that were slimmer and darker in color. Strict and formal look of classy suit still looked perfect with proper shoes and a hat. The pallete of popular included darker shades while the combination of dark colors looked really dramatic.


This was the decade of great changes. We began the decade with classy styles that looked pretty much like the fashion of past decades while the end of the 60s was the era when bohemian style started its glorious way to fashion.