Men Formal Outfit Ideas


Boys wearing classy suits look so adorable that our hearts simply melt. This is how girls feel watching any re carpet event. While you stare at those sexy boys let’s talk about formal outfit ideas for men that will surely inspire you.


For men it is certainly much easier to choose outfit for cocktail or any other formal occasion. No need to choose makeup, jewelry or formal hair up-do. A classy suit is what men need for special occasions. Of course 2017 fashion gives you the greatest choice of suits in every color and print so what you need to do is to choose the that fits you in the best way.


If you are all about classy styles choose subtle and darker colors, mainly the shades of gray that are considered the best options for men formal outfit. Prints can also be an option; for instance you can choose striped or checkered suit. Classy suit should be combined with a white or a muted color like light gray or pale blue.



It is much easier to dress for informal party. Here you can play with colors and bolder prints. Plus you have a chance to complete the look with accessories like a scarf, eyeglasses, a hat and etc. For informal party you can still wear a classy suit with a brighter shirt and no tie is needed. For informal party you can combine denim pants with a semi-classy jacket. This outfit can be worn from day to night.