Adidas Originals Drop 2 by Alexander Wang

adidas by alexander wang

Adidas Originals collaborating with Alexander Wang prepared brand new collection for 2018. The new fall collection is the second line of this perfect duo. Previously Adidas Originals and Alexander Wang presented sportswear collection in August and the new line continues the new traditions.


Drop 2 collection by Alexander Wang is a unique set of bright colors and creative solutions mixed with traditions of Adidas Originals. The first drop collection was aimed to support recycling culture in fashion industry. The lookboook of first collection presented models in the role of cyclists wearing Alexander Wang sportswear.




2018 sportswear collection by Alexander Wang and Adidas Originals presents 36 pieces in bright colors including footwear. Unisex pieces offer perfectly fitting and high quality clothing for men and women. In 36-item-collection you will find sporty hoodies, jerseys, leggings, T-shirts and shorts. The color palette includes black, bright yellow, gray shades and, of course the famous logo of the brand.

The creative lookbook of the new Drop 2 collection is no less creative. The collection is already available online. Plus, if you visit New York, you will see posters of the new collection all about the Manhattan.