Lacoste Kids & OMY 2018 Collection

kids fashion 2018

Lacoste has prepared one of the brightest collaborations of the season. OMY brand that is known for coloring posters started collaboration with Lacoste Kids and as a result we have one of the most eye catching collections of the season.

kids fashion 2018

This is quite a strange collaboration of fashion label and interior designer brand. Those two ideas have never been so close and connected. The best features of Lacoste has now got new prints and colors with OMY designs and Kids line was a perfect choice for realization of the project.

OMY has been involved in poster styling since 2012 and the collaboration was a great opportunity to try something new. The creative approach of OMY graphic artists resulted those crazy and funny crocodile prints on Lacoste clothing for kids.

The limited – edition of Christmas capsule collection includes boys and girls’ clothing including T-shirts, sweatshirts, polos and tote-bags with the same printing. Kids clothing will be available in navy blue and baby pink colors resp. for boys and girls. Lacoste Kids new collection will be available starting from November.