Children’s 2018 Fashion Trends

kids' fashion 2018

We are expecting great changes in 2018 fashion trends and most of the ideas were already presented during the latest fashion weeks. Kids’ fashion also has its unique place in fashion industry and as true fashion devotees we will discuss children’s 2018 fashion trends as well.


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Both boys and girls’ dresses for 2018 spring and summer we will have a lot of printed dresses, shirts, shorts, skirts and jackets. The bright color combos are also trendy. We have got a list of trending colors 2018 to make bold color combinations. For coming spring and summer we will have shades of red and orange, dark and light tones and blue and green, as well as baby pink and several muted colors for balance.

For prints 2018 kids’ fashion offer to keep to lovely floral prints and experiment with different styles and colors of checkered pattern. Stick on patches will also be around next season.


Along with the bright colors and dazzling prints we will have a lot of subtle shades and nude tones. The tendency of muted colors was clearly seen in men and women’s fashion for 2018 spring so parents will have a great chance to find perfect combos for children as well. Accessories, shoes and bags are also presented in similar color combos.

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