Katya Dobryakova 2018 Fall/Winter Collection

katya-dorbyakova winter 2018 collection (2)

Coming winter is going to be full of surprises in fashion including some crazy designs for the lovers of everything extravagant and mind blowing. In search of creative collections 2018 we have come up to the new collection to Katya Dobryakova who has created a whole set of items with unique printing.

We have seen so many floral prints and stick on patches this is why Katya Dobryakova has turned to art for inspiration. As a result we have got crazy sweatshirts and coats with the famous artists’ paintings and the images of historical figures.

Just imagine you are wearing Mona Lisa’s portrait on your sweatshirt turning a simple sweatshirt to a real piece of art. Colorful prints look pretty impressive on monotone background be it black or lighter shade. We could never think that William Shakespeare with an atomic pink around his neck will look so stylish and fashionable. If you are interested in cubism you will definitely love those cardigans with creative printed faces. With a similar cardigan you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Previous collections of Katya Dobryakova are no less dramatic and creative with eye catching prints. You can already check the new 2018 collection of clothing for boys and girls and find some remarkable pieces for your personal collection.

katya-dorbyakova winter 2018 collection (2)