AIT New 2018 Sportswear Line

ait 2018 collection

AIT is a new brand by Mexican designer Andy Torres who offers new creative ideas in fashion. Thus, recently the brand launched new sportswear collection especially for those who have gone through breakup. Sounds a bit strange yet very intriguing. Let’s check out what it looks like and how to wear it.


We have all been down after breakup trying to forget the past with alcohol and chocolate yet this is not a right decision. After all you will regret the cakes and donuts and it will be harder to get t shape. On the other hand, you can get the pieces from new AIT sportswear collection with creative words. Every T-shirt has an interesting slogan like “The End”, “Let the distance keep us together”, “Your loss babe” and much more.

What can you find in your sporty collection by Andy Torres? All the coolest slip dresses and hoodie dresses, stylish and comfy T-shirts and bomber jackets, denim skirts and jackets.

We do hope that new brand and designer will launch new collections and lines for coming season and we will soon discuss brand new lines by AIT.