The Hottest Eyeglasses 2017

top-10-sunglasses-trends 2017

Eyeglasses are definitely one of the most important accessories for both men an women. We do adore the newest eyeglasses trends for 2017 and now you can check out the hottest eyeglasses that will be available for 2017.

Eyeglasses Color Trends 2017

For new season deeper and darker colors are mostly dominating. Dark colored and oversized eyeglasses are statement accessories as long as you can pull off such style. Big square frames in black and brown are perfect styles for men. Of course you have seen those sexy boys with beards and eyeglasses. They look indeed flawless.

2017 eyeglasses trends

Next trend from 2017 is two toned eyeglasses that is meant to blend the harsh look of dark frames. Two toned eyeglasses look sexy with both clear and colorful lenses.

two-toned eyeglasses

Trendy Frames for 2017

Metal Frames: This type looks extremely hot and stylish. If you are a fan of Harry Potter style, you can now rock his legendary rounded spectacles and look trendy. So why not to give a shot.


Wooden Frames: Eco-friendly products are getting popularity day by day and no wonder why wooden frames are included in the newest collections of the best eyeglasses frames. They look unique and rich.

wooden frames eyeglasses

Rounded Frames: Classy is hot and classy will always be popular. As we are talking about eyeglasses, here rounded style is A classy one. Do not even think that with rounded eyeglasses you will look nerdy, nerdy is the new word for sexy.


Clear Frames: Yes I know that we were talking about dark framed eyeglasses as the main trend for 2017, but just check out those clear framed spectacles, aren’t they sexy. Plus, they are neutral and can be pulled with any skin tone and hair color.

clear frames 2017 eyeglasses