New Aviator Sunglasses 2017


There are styles in fashion that seem to be eternal. They never fade away and never go out of the fashion. They may be upgraded with new details by the main style is kept. We can say for sure that aviator sunglasses are one of such pieces that will always look trendy.


Classy aviators became the main trend in ’70s but they were created much earlier by Baush & Lomb in 1936. Aviaters have inverted teardrop frames with dark mirror lenses. The classy style of frames is kept while the trend of lenses changes from season to season. Still we can say, that all the colors of lenses will look stylish and trendy starting from dark and ending up with clear ones.

Everyone should have a pair of classy aviator sunglasses cause this is an accessory that can make you look really cool and stylish. Actually there are reasons why you should have aviators. First of all they are maybe the only style that are suitable for all face shapes. The only thing here is to find a perfect shape and color of aviators. Plus, aviators can be matched with both casual and classy styles of outfit and every time sunglasses will look totally different.

2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_alexander_mcqueen_aviators9 2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_givenchy_aviators3

2017 styles of aviator sunglasses are totally mind blowing. They offer crazy combination of frames and lenses in a classy style of Ray Ban and every single one is unique for its own. Check out this crazy collection of new aviator sunglasses and make sure you get one of them for coming spring and summer.

2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_chloe_aviators4 2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_christian_dior_aviators13 2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_karen_walker_aviators2 2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_marc_by_marc_jacobs_aviators20 2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_oliver_peoples_aviators5 2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_roberto_cavalli_aviators20 2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_tom_ford_aviators1 2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_tom_ford_aviators18 2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_tommy_hilfiger_aviators14 2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_valentino_aviators7 2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_carrera_aviators8 2017_aviator_sunglasses_for_women_carrera_aviators8