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2018 Fashion Trends from NYFW


New York Fashion Week have become one of the greatest events in fashion world and this year too we had big expectations from NYFW. The fashion week brought major trends for 2018 year and we would like to talk about some of them.

Rihanna 2018 Fenty X Puma Collection

Fenty_Puma_by_Rihanna_fall_winter_2018 collection_Paris_Fashion_Week

Omg, we are so much excited about Rihanna’s collection of clothing for teen boys and girls. We loved her as an artist, we adored her as a creator of makeup line and we screamed of excitement when we saw first pics of new Fenty X Puma collection.

Ralph Lauren 2018 Olimpic Games Uniforms


Less than three months are left for Winter Olympic Games and we are excited about this great event. This time Winter Olympic Games will take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea and for a while the city will become the center of sports. Oh, no, we haven’t forgotten that we are fashion devotees so let’s get back to our business. Popular label Polo Ralph Lauren is ready for the Olympics with brand new collection of uniforms.

Stylish Sportswear for Women

nude sportswear

Sportswear is maybe the most trending clothing style this year and coming season cause more and more people are involved in sports. Therefore high quality sportswear is a must to make workout more comfortable. All the popular labels of activewear have already presented new collections for 2018 that are absolutely awesome and we have discussed some of them. While looking through the new collections we have noticed a strong tendency of neutral toned sportswear that look absolutely gorgeous.

2018 Fashion Trends; New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week has brought into fashion industry some really cool trends we are going to have for 2018. Popular brands and designers houses rocked the catwalk with stunning garments making us fall in love with most of them. Concluding 2018 New York Fashion Week we have several major fashion trends for 2018 spring and summer.

Sport Riot Sportswear by Beach Riot

beach riot sportswear

Beach Riot brand presenting swimwear collections has come back with a totally new line. Sport Riot collection for 2018 is the line of sportswear for the lovers of active lifestyle. The line including sporty and stylish leggings and tops are created to make you feel comfortable while moving.

Adidas Originals Drop 2 by Alexander Wang

adidas by alexander wang

Adidas Originals collaborating with Alexander Wang prepared brand new collection for 2018. The new fall collection is the second line of this perfect duo. Previously Adidas Originals and Alexander Wang presented sportswear collection in August and the new line continues the new traditions.

Ralph Lauren Stadium 2018 Collection

Ralph Lauren Stadium 2018 Collection (6)

In 2018 Ralph Lauren is celebrating its 25th anniversary and to make this date more symbolic the label has get back to its Polo Stadium line. For 2018 Ralph Lauren has launched limited-edition capsule collection that is a brilliant line for anniversary.

Target JoyLab Activewear 2018 Collection

sportswear 2018

Those who cannot imagine life without sport have very special place in wardrobe for sportswear. Moreover, sportswear pieces should be of high quality to make you feel comfortable during workout. Special materials are chosen to make your skin breathe at the same time to make you move free. For 2018 there are several amazing sportswear collections and we will talk about every collection one by one. Let’s start with one of the newest activewear collection by Target.

AIT New 2018 Sportswear Line

ait 2018 collection

AIT is a new brand by Mexican designer Andy Torres who offers new creative ideas in fashion. Thus, recently the brand launched new sportswear collection especially for those who have gone through breakup. Sounds a bit strange yet very intriguing. Let’s check out what it looks like and how to wear it.