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2018 Fashion Trends from NYFW


New York Fashion Week have become one of the greatest events in fashion world and this year too we had big expectations from NYFW. The fashion week brought major trends for 2018 year and we would like to talk about some of them.

Rihanna 2018 Fenty X Puma Collection

Fenty_Puma_by_Rihanna_fall_winter_2018 collection_Paris_Fashion_Week

Omg, we are so much excited about Rihanna’s collection of clothing for teen boys and girls. We loved her as an artist, we adored her as a creator of makeup line and we screamed of excitement when we saw first pics of new Fenty X Puma collection.

2018 Jackets Styles

2018 jackets

We are here to guide you in the biggest world of fashion where we have something new every day. For coming winter we have already got a complete trend list of clothing for men and women and we do love the things we are going to have for 2018.

2018 Teen Girls’ Winter Clothing

2018 winter fashion

Winter has come and better be ready for long night. Oh, sorry I thought we were talking about Game of Thrones but the truth is that winter is coming and we need some new cool garments for new season. For teen girls we have prepared top popular winter looks for 2018 that will looks stylish and comfy.

2018 Fashion Trends; New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week has brought into fashion industry some really cool trends we are going to have for 2018. Popular brands and designers houses rocked the catwalk with stunning garments making us fall in love with most of them. Concluding 2018 New York Fashion Week we have several major fashion trends for 2018 spring and summer.

2018 Jeans Collection by Lee

jeans 2018

Recently Lee has launched new collection of denim pants using new technology. Body Optix collection for 2018 features a set of new denim pants to maximize the effect of a flawless body. What we are expecting from clothing? Maximum impact plus comfort. This is what we will find in Lee new jeans collection for 2018.

Katya Dobryakova 2018 Fall/Winter Collection

katya-dorbyakova winter 2018 collection (2)

Coming winter is going to be full of surprises in fashion including some crazy designs for the lovers of everything extravagant and mind blowing. In search of creative collections 2018 we have come up to the new collection to Katya Dobryakova who has created a whole set of items with unique printing.

AIT New 2018 Sportswear Line

ait 2018 collection

AIT is a new brand by Mexican designer Andy Torres who offers new creative ideas in fashion. Thus, recently the brand launched new sportswear collection especially for those who have gone through breakup. Sounds a bit strange yet very intriguing. Let’s check out what it looks like and how to wear it.

2018 Jeans Trends


Denim clothing is definitely must have thing in your wardrobe. Denim pants, shirts, skirts, dresses and jackets are part 2018 image regardless of age and gender. 2018 fashion trends are bright and versatile including so many interesting images with denim pieces. To get keep you up to date with new denim outfit ideas we have put together some noteworthy style ideas for you.

Teen Fashion Trends 2018


We are here to keep you up to date with the latest changes in fashion industry. If you are a true fashionista who follows runway shows and fashion events you just need to check out the major trends of teen girls clothing for coming 2018.