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Top Popular Eyewear 2018


We are back for the coming season with a complete list of 2018 fashion trends and new updates for coming season. We are going to have a year full of bright images and dramatic comebacks of classy styles. Together we will explore all the spheres in fashion starting from accessories and ending with best shows from Paris, Milan, London and New York fashion weeks. Let’s start with top popular eyewear trends for 2018 presented by leading brands and designers.

Men Eyeglasses Trends for 2017

men sunglasses 2017

Men do love sophisticated look of eyeglasses. Everything becomes more serious when it comes to 2017 fashion trends and new eyeglasses styles. The new pieces are created to have show stopping look so why not to take your chance and get one of the below shown glasses. 

Top Round Sunglasses 2017


Just like this year round sunglasses are going to be the hottest trend of 2017. So many gorgeous looks were completed with round sunglasses on fashion shows and we have so many style statement images to get inspiration. All you need to do is to take your time and check out top round sunglasses ideas 2017.

New Aviator Sunglasses 2017


There are styles in fashion that seem to be eternal. They never fade away and never go out of the fashion. They may be upgraded with new details by the main style is kept. We can say for sure that aviator sunglasses are one of such pieces that will always look trendy.

Trendy Sunglasses for every face shape


Sunglasses are the most practical and important part in image. Regardless of weather and season sunglasses have protective feature. Well, we hardly think of protection when we see stylish sunglasses still they are important to protect eyes from sun and wind. For flawless look eyeglasses style should be in a perfect match with a face shape. Just like clothing makes figure more or less attractive eyeglasses frames can make face look more or less beautiful. This is very important to take into consideration some factors when choosing new sunglasses for you. Here is a collection of trendy sunglasses for every face shape.

Best Retro Sunglasses Collection for 2017


Retro influence still continues to be strong and we do love those adorable vintage pieces in our wardrobe. The final detail in your vintage image should be statement eyeglasses in the styles of 70’s and 80’s. Take your time and look through the gallery of the best retro sunglasses collection for 2017 and find the one to complete your image.

Wooden Eyeglasses Ideas 2017


One of the coolest trends of eyeglasses in wooden frames that were seen included in designer collections and fashion shows. Those eco friednly frame style are really cool and no wonder why they are so popular among teens and adults. We have decided to investigate 2017 trends and find some cool styles of wooden eyeglasses ideas.

Mirrored Eyeglasses Trends 2017

mirrored-sunglasses 2017

Eyeglasses are great accessories to look more stylish and attractive. As an essential part of image eyeglasses should be suitable to outfit and what is more important it should match face shape. For coming season the mirrored eyeglasses are still going to be on trend. They are getting even cooler and hotter so check out those ideas of mirrored eyeglasses trends for 2017 and pick the ones for your own collection.

The Hottest Eyeglasses 2017

top-10-sunglasses-trends 2017

Eyeglasses are definitely one of the most important accessories for both men an women. We do adore the newest eyeglasses trends for 2017 and now you can check out the hottest eyeglasses that will be available for 2017.

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