Jeans Styles for Plus Size Women

plus size women jeans styles

Curvy women do look adorable especially when they can play up their femininity with proper clothing. Fortunately modern fashion has so many ideas and styles that can help woman look adorable without any effort so the only thing you should do is to learn tricks to boost your sexuality. At this time we will check out the new jeans styles 2017 for plus size women.

In spite of the fact that jeans are the most important part of outfit it is quite hard for a curvy woman to find a perfect pair of jeans. Still, there is nothing impossible so be patient and eager to learn.


There is misconception that skinny jeans are suitable only for skinny figure. This is no longer actual cause they are so many tricks to wear skinny jeans and look awesome. First rule to wear skinny jeans on curvy figure is to pick the exact size for body and avoid too thin fabrics. Thick fabric will have body correcting effect while thin one will accentuate body flows. Go for darker colors that will visually slim your body. The most important rule to keep in mind is to pair skinny jeans with oversized tops to bring your figure into balance. Stay away from tight blouses and sweaters and opt for cuts that don’t flatter the body.


This is virtually the best style of jeans for curvy figure because they perfectly fit apple type figure at the same time hiding flaws and making woman look slimmer. Here you have a chance to play with colors. You can choose both solid and washed out lighter looks as well as go for ripped styles for sporty and grunge look.