How to wear Cuff Jeans


What can we say about denim pants? They are trendy, practical, stylish, comfortable, sexy and we can continue counting the advantages of denim pants for hours. Indeed, jeans can be worn from day to night. There is a huge collection of trendy styles of denim pants for every taste and figure and one of them is cuff jeans. The style is another example of retro style that has made comeback into 2017 fashion and do love it. Cuffed jeans look quite casual and sporty but with proper top and shoes the style can be suitable for any occasion. Here are some of the ideas how to wear cuff jeans.


You can wear cuffed style with any type of jeans but still the hottest style is skinny jeans that makes figure look so sexy. There are already ready made cuffed skinnies but you can always turn your jeans into cuffed style. You just need to fold jeans to get one-inch cuff and then repeat the process to get two-inch cuff. The most important thing here is to get similar folded edges on both feet. If you want to get shorter jeans you can fold it for the third time.

Boyfriend jeans can also be worn cuffed. The difference is that you need to get thicker cuff with boyfriend jeans. Again, pay attention to symmetry of cuffed edges.

Cuffed denim pants can be paired with virtually any type of shoes. Your image will look flawless with both flats and heels. Neat double cuff can be matched with wedges and sandals while sporty boyfriend jeans will look fantastic with sneakers or espadrilles.